Best DJ Controller for Beginners

Starting out as a DJ can be really scary and really hard. Not everyone is cut out of it. To be the best at something means you need to put practice in and you need to put in the time. To get better at DJing, you first need to buy some DJ equipment. As a beginner you will want the best all in one DJ controller that you can buy.

DJ controllers

Things to look for when buying a controller

Depending on how much you want to spend and what your skill level is, your choice might be different from the next. As a beginner you are going to want some features to be able to learn how to DJ.

Jog wheels: you are going to want a dj controller that has some nice jog wheels, that feel good while using them. Jog wheels are important because you can learn to scratch on them and do a bunch of other cool stuff with it as well.

Faders: faders are important if you are going to learn to beatmatch. Beatmatching is the process or skill in DJing where you match 2 tracks together. The beats line up and they match each others tempo. This is beatmatching.

Effects Control: having control of effects will add a whole new level to your djing skills. It will make your tracks a lot more in depth and layered and it will surprise your audience when you play an effect.

Mixer: if you are a beginner chancers are you are not going to have much dj equipment. So to cut your loses you should buy a dj controller with a built in mixer. Having a built in mixer means, all you need is your DJ controller and your speakers and laptop.

These are the features you should be looking for when buying a dj controller. For more information and reviews on equipment, check out onlinedjguide.


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